Website Coming Soon (12/2/2022 - Fixed an issue with people not being able to access the server)
Minecraft 1.19.2

Map: DynMap

Youtube: @aleriaonline (I'm starting to upload snippets from my twitch streams to YouTube)

Twitch: KelathTV (I generally stream an hour or more of development time most days)

Discord: (I try to post updates as they happen)

Aleria is a world I'm creating for a D&D game I am DMing and thought I'd bring it to life through Minecraft. The server uses a custom resource pack, a few custom plug-ins and a bunch of purchased plug-ins all designed to bring the world to life... Well, eventually. Right now I am focused on just building the starting area, which itself is rather large.


There are a lot of fixes that have to be done to the map, so I'm returning to WorldPainter to do a bunch of updates and to add maybe some rivers and paint some forests. So we'll see. So if you don't see any changes on the live server, that's because I'm doing it in quick succession locally.

Updated 12/2/2022

Location Type Status
Aramoor City In Development
Elmley Village Planning
Eryas Ruin Clean Up
Greyridge City In Development
Norwick City Clean Up
Ravenwood Village Planning
Westford City In Development
Underthal Village In Development

todo for baseline launch (not looking for perfect, looking for stability at a player level)

  1. Currency system that works with shopkeepers, landclaims, loot drops, etc. (Coin goals: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper)
  2. Chat system that supports localized chat, shout chat, whisper chat along with colors based on luckperms group.
  3. Setup MMOCore classes / skills / attributes / etc.
  4. Basic permissions based on luckperm group

A better website is on the way